As far back as Earl can remember, music has been a major part of his life.  Raised
in San Bernardino, Ca, a piano was always in the home.  Due to his father’s
influence as a professional jazz pianist and with his mothers urging,  Earl started
taking classical piano lessons at age 6.  After 5 years of private lessons, Earl was
leading the church he attended in praise songs at the piano. By age 13, with the
advent of the 60’s musical explosion,  Earl became more interested in playing
electric guitar and later electric bass.   From his mid teens he has played in various
bands, playing either bass (his primary instrument of choice) or guitar. His musical
journey peaked in the mid 80’s when he co-founded the jazz fusion band Tag,
which was signed and released an album that was aired and well received in the
Bay Area.  Retired now from his “day gig” as a printing pressman, Earl now
teaches music part time at Music Unlimited in San Leandro as well as staying
active playing with the Blues Bottle Band and being involved with other musical
Earl Dewitt
Bass Guitar