Bob was born in Indiana and began playing the guitar at a very young age.  After
moving with his family to California, he began playing in several Rock and Roll bands
such as the Misfits, The Mystical Sounds, Peter Green and Childhood End, which won
the Battle of the Bands award.  Growing up, his influences were The Beatles, Elvis,
and The Animals. After putting away his guitar for about 30 years to raise a family,
Bob has started playing again with The Cantrell Brothers Band, The Just Six and a
Beatles Tribute Band (Fab Fever)which appeared at the 2009 Hayward Zucchini
Festival, Downtown Hayward Street Party, and a fund-raiser event in Castro Valley.  
While raising his family, the music bug was always there and with the support of his
wife and children,  Bob has come back to the scene in a variety of genres.  The Blues
has always been a favorite of his and he is very excited about his new band  
Blues Bottle Band”.
The Blues Bottle Name
II In 1967, Bob and Gary Evitt were forming a band to be named The
Blues Bottle.  Unfortunately, due to Gary’s untimely death, the band
was never formed.  Forty years later, when Bob’s new band needed a
name, the only name that was in his heart was The Blue’s Bottle Band.

This website and the music is dedicated with love to the memory of
Gary, who will always be a member of Bob’s band
Bob Evitt
The Original
Blues Bottle Band
Gary Evitt: Guitar & Vocals
Bob Evitt: Bass & Vocals
Rich Sylvester: Drums & Vocals
Rick Adams : Keyboard
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