What started out as four guys getting together to jam, officially became The Blues Bottle Band in
March of 2006. Since then the band has gone through changes with Bob Evitt  the only original
founding member and leader of the band on guitar and vocals, Dave Chimpky on lead guitar, Earl
Dewitt on bass guitar and vocals, and Tom Peplinski on drums and vocals. The band plays a variety
of music including  Blues, R&B, and Classic Rock which continues to be enjoyed by many who have
come out to see them. They have played at numerous locations through out the bay area including
wineries, festivals, private events, and party's. We know you will enjoy coming out and listening to
our music as much as we enjoy playing it. If you are in need of a band for any occasion, being a club
date, corporate, private events, or party's. You won't regret that you chose
The Blues Bottle Band for
your music entertainment.
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Playing R & B, Classic Rock, and Blues
Bob Evitt
Dave Chimpky
Earl Dewitt
Mark Cepeda
 The Blues Bottle Band